New & sealed Lotus 1-2-3 version 5 Dutch 3.5'' disk P.. For sale Lotus 1-2-3 version 5 spreadsheet on 3.5'' 1.44 MB disks.   General info Authentic Lotus 1-2-3 version 5 package. Spreadsheet program that used to be a competitor of Mi... per piece:
€  60,00

New & sealed Borland Paradox Version 7 English CD-ROM.. For sale Borland Paradox Version 7 database program on CD-ROM.   General info Authentic Borland Paradox Version 7 package. Database program. System requirements: - 386DX or better C... per piece:
€  40,00

New & sealed Harvard Graphics v2.12 English 3.5'' & 5.. For sale Harvard Graphics v2.12 chart program on 3.5'' & 5.25'' floppy disks.   General info Authentic Harvard Graphics v2.12 package. Harvard Graphics is a graphics... per piece:
€  40,00

New & sealed IBM Graphing Assistant 5.25'' floppy dis.. For sale IBM Graphing Assistant program on 5.25'' floppy disk.   General info Authentic IBM Graphing Assistant program. Program that enables user to use data from IBM Filing Ass... per piece:
€  15,00

New & sealed IBM Drawing Assistant 5.25'' floppy disk.. For sale IBM Drawing Assistant program on 5.25'' floppy disk.   General info Authentic IBM Drawing Assistant program. Produce colorful pictures, maps and diagrams that can be pr... per piece:
€  15,00