New AOpen HQ08C full size big tower ATX case enclosur.. For sale New AOpen HQ08C big tower ATX case w/ 300W AOpen power supply. General info Durable big tower case, in beige & mint green colors, for use with ATX, mATX or E-ATX pc motherboard. ... per piece:
€  150,00

New external dual 5.25'' Wide SCSI-2 HD68 white metal.. For sale New external dual 5.25'' SCSI Wide SCSI-2 HD68 white metal enclosure.   General info Durable external metal enclosure for use with up to two 5.25'' 68-pin SCSI dev... per piece:
€  90,00

d2 STOL-HD-Q1281 external SCSI centronics 50-pin 3.5'.. For sale d2 STOL-HD-Q1281 external SCSI centronics 50-pin 3.5'' hard disk grey metal case.   General info Durable external metal case for use with one 3.5'' 50-pin SCSI har... per piece:
€  65,00

New AOpen motherboard main system board test bench ch.. For sale New AOpen motherboard chassis. General info AOpen motherboard chassis. Comes from AOpen HX08 big tower. Can be used as a test bench for an ATX, mATX or baby AT motherboard.  ... per piece:
€  25,00