New Adaptec AHA-1742A 50 pin SCSI / disk drive multi .. For sale New Adaptec AHA-1742A 50 pin SCSI / disk drive EISA controller card.   General info Brand & model: Adaptec AHA-1742A Required bus (interface): EISA Number of devices sup... per piece:
€  150,00

IBM PC AT 5170 fixed disk floppy diskette 61 031099 0.. For sale IBM fixed disk floppy diskette 61 031099 00 ST-412 / ST-506 HDD / FDD multi interface 16-bit ISA card with cables.   General info Hard disk / floppy disk drive controller for use ... per piece:
€  90,00

Magic AT I/O Plus IDE PATA hard disk drive HD HDD / f.. For sale Magic AT I/O Plus HDD / FDD / I/O multi interface 16-bit ISA card.   General info Multi purpose PC controller card, for use with 16-bit ISA slot. Requires two empty case slots. ... per piece:
€  33,00