About the owner
Sander, the owner of this webshop, has a passion for classic computers. He gained his first computer experience as a kid with MS-DOS and Windows 3.x compatible hardware and software, at home and at school, back in the 90's. He played old DOS games like Test Drive II, Redcat, Desert Strike etc. and did his homework in Wordperfect 6.something on x86 pc's up until the year 2000. Years ago he discovered the 'strange' (it's not a pc..) MSX-2 on the attic and in 2003 he bought a Commodore 64C in a thrift store. Since then he has collected, repaired, restored and used many classic computers, including classic game consoles and other vintage electronics such as tube radio's and tv's. He had the wish to obtain more different kinds of classic computers for his collection though his storage space and funds were limited. Therefore he had to make choices, hence he started selling sometimes. He began once on eBay in 2005 and quickly expanded his eBay webshop. 

In January 2011, during his study, Sander started Classic Computer Shop with this webshop, a business specialized in trading classic computers, parts and accessories. With technical knowledge of and experience with these legacy products, as well as sales experience, he now professionally trades classic computer hardware on an international niche market. Customers include enthusiasts (B2C) who may like retro gaming, programming, building, configuring, experimenting, repair, service and/or design of wonderful tech 'collectables' from another era and businesses (B2B) that may need valuable legacy systems and parts to stay in business against affordable investments, IT related businesses that like to own vintage office equipment as decoration and film productions that need props. Sander has learned from the limitations of eBay and offers customers a better shopping experience with this webshop.

Classic Computer Shop's mission
Easy online shopping of high quality, hand selected legacy computer products, that are well packed and delivered as promised. Classic Computer Shop is the partner of choice for supply of the customer's legacy computer demand.

Even after having graduated with a master degree in Finance & Investments from Erasmus University (RSM) in 2014, he still feels he should stay close to all his passions, including classic computers and entrepreneurship. Therefore he has decided to continue trading in classic computers, offer consumers and businesses what they like, at the best possible way, and try to do something positive for our environment.

Today Sander still has a small private collection, that consists of 90's desktop and laptop computers as well as game consoles from his own youth, many of which he was never able to buy or get back then but came on his path recently. He enjoys restoring these items to their original condition with original parts but also likes the 'kick' of finding new treasures.