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Commodore SX-64.

General info
The Commodore SX-64 is a portable version of the popular 1980's Commodore 64 home computer and the first full color portable computer. The SX-64 features a built-in five inch monitor (Commodore changed default screen color to blue text on a white background for improved readability) and a 1541 floppy drive. The computer can be carried by its sturdy handle, which doubles as an adjustable stand. Apart from the lack of a RF antenna output and cassette recorder interface, the SX-64 is basically a complete all-in-one C64 set. The SX-64 also has a composite video & audio output for connecting an external monitor.

About this specific offer
For sale is an early Commodore SX-64 computer, manufactured in December 1983, Japan. This is an European model with 220V AC power supply and international QWERTY keyboard.

Approximate dimension when placed on desk ready for use (WxDxH): 40 x 60 x 24 cm.

The original Commodore SX-64 user's guide in English is included.

Included is:
- Commodore SX-64 computer
- Commodore SX-64 user's guide
- 2x
Kodak 5.25'' 2S 2D floppy disk


This computer was last tested at 5 February 2020.

During the test;

- Computer could be powered on several times.
- Computer stayed powered on for at least 1 hour.

- Computer displayed a stable, contrastful, bright and sharp picture on the integrated monitor. As with all SX-64's (feel free to search for other online offers), the capacitors in the monitor section will eventually need replacement for an optimal straight (horizontal and vertical) picture.

- CRT is in very good condition, without any signs of burn-in damage.

- Computer could boot to BASIC.

- All keys of the keyboard worked.

- A random BASIC program worked fine.

-  Sound worked through the integrated speaker.

- Floppy drive insert and eject mechanism worked fine.

- Floppy drive read and wrote fine.

- All potentiometers for monitor settings and reset button worked fine.

- The carrying handle felt firm, could be locked and could be adjusted fine.

- The keyboard locked onto the computer fine.

- No further defects and/or faults were identified.
- No further tests were performed.

N.B.: the bands and distortions on the screen at the pictures result from the difference between the vertical refresh rate of the monitor and the shutter rate of the camera. In reality you don't see this. 
Please carefully view the pictures for an impression.

Price details:
Price per piece:
€ 950,00


15,000 KG

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€ 23,00 

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