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Epson PX-8.

General info
The Epson PX-8 is a small laptop computer with a LCD screen, which can run on batteries, from the mid 1980’s. It has a Z80 compatible microprocessor and its operating system is a customized version of CP/M. It was designed to run applications from a ROM (e.g. Wordstar, CalcStar, dBase) and files can be stored on a micro cassette, on a diskette with an external drive or on its RAM disk.

About this specific offer
For sale is a very well preserved Epson PX-8 model H101A laptop computer. This is an original European model with an international QWERTY keyboard. The computer was manufactured in Japan. Installed are the ROMs BASIC and Utilities.

A 6V 200mA DC adapter is required for operation (not included).

Included is:
- Epson PX-8 laptop


This computer was last tested at 3 June 2019.
During the test;
- Screen could be opened and closed like it should (felt firm).

- Cassette tray could be opened and closed.

- No defects and/or faults were identified (internal batteries are most likely empty and need replacement).
- No further tests were performed.
Please carefully view the pictures for an impression.

Price details:
Price per piece:
€ 75,00

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€ 8,95 

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