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Baby AT mini tower case w/ Autek 200W power supply.
General info
Durable and heavy mini tower case, in beige color, for use with baby AT pc motherboard and regular AT (LPX) power supply.

Ideal for a period correct early 90's pc.


- Autek ASP-2200-BA LPX 200W 115V / 230V AC switchable power supply (+5V 20A; -5V 0.5A) w/ monitor output
- 2x external 5.25'' slot
- 2x external 3.5'' slot
- 1x internal 5.25'' slot
- 1x internal 3.5'' slot
- 8x expansion card port
- speaker
- power button
- reset button
- turbo button
- LED for power
- LED for HDD activity
- LED display for CPU speed
- Case lock

With 2x 6-pin AT power connector.

CPU speed display can be set to another number using jumpers.

Dimensions (HxLxW): N/A cm
About this specific offer
With Teac 1.44 MB disk drive.

Included is:
- Baby AT mini tower case w/ Autek 200W power supply
- Teac FD-235HF 1.44 MB DS/HD disk drive

This case was last tested at 25 March 2019.
During the test;
- Power supply could be powered on.

- Power supply fan worked and didn't make any unusual noise.

- CPU speed LED worked.

- No rust could be found, only minimal oxidation at the bottom inside.

- Case could be opened and closed like it should.

- No defects and/or faults were identified.
- No further tests were performed.
Please carefully view the pictures for an impression.

Price details:
Price per piece:
€ 160,00 € 140,00

Shipping costs

€ 24,20 

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