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Atari Mega STE set.

General info
In 1989 Atari released the 520STE and 1040STE, enhanced versions of the ST with improvements to the multimedia hardware and operating system. It features an increased color palette of 4,096 colors from the ST's 512, genlock support and a blitter co-processor which can quickly move large blocks of data around in RAM. RAM in the STE is upgradable via SIMM’s. The STE is the first Atari with PCM audio; using a new chip, it adds the ability to play back 8-bit (signed) samples at 6258 Hz, 12517 Hz, 25033 Hz and even 50066 Hz, via DMA. The channels are arranged as either a mono track or a track of LRLRLRLR.. bytes. Besides two enhanced joystick ports are added. The Mega STE is identical to the 1040STE except for a faster 16 MHz processor with 16K cache, an onboard SCSI controller, additional faster RS232 port, VME expansion port and a gray version of the TT030 case.

About this specific offer
For sale is an affordable Atari Mega STE set with all essential hardware to get started.

To be more in-depth the set consists of an Atari Mega STE computer, with an aftermarket built-in 127 MB hard disk from Quantum and upgraded memory of 4 MB (standard was 1 MB). It has an integrated switchable 100-120 / 220-240V AC power supply and English TOS (note: some German software is installed).

Included is a matching Atari Mega STE keyboard with cable, adjustable and in international QWERTY layout.

A matching Atari STFM1 mouse is included as well.

As an option you can get for free at collecting or against additional shipping costs the Atari SM124 12 inch monochrome monitor with integrated mono speaker, manufactured in November 1988, that requires 220V AC. This monitor has a fixed video cable for the Atari ST computer.

Included is:
- Atari Mega STE computer
- Atari Mega STE keyboard w/ cable
- Atari STFM1 mouse

- Atari SM124 monitor (email for additional shipping costs)


This set was last tested at 5 July 2018.
During the test;
- Computer could be powered on several times.
- Computer stayed powered on for at least 30 minutes.

- Computer displayed a stable, contrastful, bright, sharp and straight picture on the included SM124 monitor.

- Built-in fan of computer was relatively quiet.

- Start up test passed without any errors, detected all memory.

- Computer searched for a disk at start up and thereafter booted to GEM from the hard disk.

- Computer did show an error related to a missing file of a copy of Cubase. It seems like the computer could use a proper reinstall of all software.

- Hard disk did not make any unusual sounds.

- Disk drive did not make any unusual sounds.

- Included mouse worked but needs to be cleaned internally.

- All used keys of the keyboard worked fine

- CRT of the included monitor is in good condition, without any signs of burn-in damage.

- Potentiometers for brightness, contrast and sound of the included monitor worked.

- Sound worked on the speaker of the included SM124 monitor.

- No further defects and/or faults were identified.
- No further tests were performed.

N.B.: the bands and distortions on the screen from the pictures result from the difference between the vertical refresh rate of the monitor and the shutter rate of the camera. In reality you don't see this.
Please carefully view the pictures for an impression.

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