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Atari 1040STE set.

General info
The Atari ST is a line of home computers from Atari Corporation and the successor to the Atari 8-bit family. The first ST model, the 520ST, was released in June 1985. "ST" officially stands for "Sixteen/Thirty-two", which refers to the Motorola 68000's 16-bit external bus and 32-bit internals. The Atari ST is the first personal computer to come with a bit-mapped color GUI. The Atari ST is part of a mid-1980's generation of home computers that have 16- or 32-bit processors, 256 KB or more of RAM and mouse-controlled graphical user interfaces. It includes the Macintosh, Commodore Amiga, Apple IIGS, and, in certain markets, the Acorn Archimedes. The Amiga and Atari ST both use the Motorola 68000, but whereas the Amiga has custom graphics processors and sample-based synthesis audio, the ST has a basic frame buffer and a three-voice synthesizer chip but with a slightly faster CPU and a high-resolution monochrome display mode ideal for business and CAD. Thanks to its built-in MIDI, the ST enjoyed success for running music-sequencer software and as a controller of musical instruments among both amateurs and well-known musicians. In 1989 Atari released the 520STE and 1040STE, enhanced versions of the ST with improvements to the multimedia hardware and operating system. It features an increased color palette of 4,096 colors from the ST's 512, genlock support and a blitter co-processor which can quickly move large blocks of data around in RAM. RAM in the STE is upgradable via SIMM’s. The STE is the first Atari with PCM audio; using a new chip, it adds the ability to play back 8-bit (signed) samples at 6258 Hz, 12517 Hz, 25033 Hz and even 50066 Hz, via DMA. The channels are arranged as either a mono track or a track of LRLRLRLR.. bytes. Besides two enhanced joystick ports are added.

About this specific offer
For sale is an ideal Atari ST set from the first owner for anyone who wants to do MIDI recording, arranging and editing 1990's style; this set includes Steinberg Cubase 3.0 with the MIDI compatible Atari STE computer.

To be more in-depth the set consists of an Atari 1040STE computer, an authentic Dutch model with an integrated 3.5'' double sided disk drive, an integrated 220-240V AC power supply, international QWERTY keyboard and English TOS.

Next you get a sealed Atari SM146 14 inch monochrome monitor (res. 640x400p) with integrated mono speaker, manufactured in September 1992, that requires 100-240V AC. This monitor has a fixed video cable for the Atari ST computer.

A Logitech M-PG14 mouse, an original U.K. language disk and documentation in Dutch are included as well.

Last but not least is the original Steinberg Cubase 3.0 set, in English, with all original disks (plus some copies), the plug-in module and documentation.

Included is:
- Atari 1040STE computer
- Atari SM146 monitor
- Atari ST manual
- Atari U.K. language disk
- Atari SM146 manual
- Logitech M-PG14 mouse
- Steinberg Cubase 3.0 full set
- Schuko to C13 EU 230V mains lead


This set was last tested at 3 July 2018.
During the test;
- Computer could be powered on several times.
- Computer stayed powered on for at least 15 minutes.

- Computer displayed a stable, contrastful, bright, sharp and straight picture without distortions on the included SM146 monitor.

- Computer searched for a disk at start up and thereafter booted to GEM.

- Disk drive did not make any unusual sounds.

- Disk drive insert and eject mechanism worked fine.

- Disk drive read the included U.K. language disk and Cubase program disk fine.

- Included mouse worked fine.

- All used keys of the keyboard worked fine.

- CRT of the included monitor is in good condition, without any signs of burn-in damage.

- Potentiometers for brightness, contrast and sound of the included monitor worked.

- Sound worked on the speaker of the included SM146 monitor.

- No defects and/or faults were identified.
- No further tests were performed.

N.B.: the bands and distortions on the screen from the pictures result from the difference between the vertical refresh rate of the monitor and the shutter rate of the camera. In reality you don't see this.
Please carefully view the pictures for an impression.

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