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Custom made PIII year 2000 pc.
General info

Custom made small form factor desktop pc based around an Intel Pentium III processor and Windows 98 SE. 
About this specific offer
This brand new custom built, configured and tested 'year 2000' pc can be used for retro gaming, including playing early 3D pc games that require the speed of a (for the time) very fast processor. It can also be used for most legacy business applications from the 90's and early 00's that require MS-DOS, Windows 95, 98, ME or XP.

Its small form factor dimensions make it very compact, which can be handy if your free space is limited. Despite this the pc is equipped with a fast Intel CPU, enough RAM, a fast dedicated ATI graphics card, a state of the art solid state drive, floppy and DVD drives. It all stays cool and quiet thanks to a brand new power supply and a new super silent CPU fan. The QDI motherboard is stable thanks to premium Nichicon, polymer Panasonic and Rubycon capacitors.
The pc can be connected to a flatscreen VGA monitor and a regular PS/2 or USB 1.1 mouse and keyboard can be used.

Pre-installed are Windows 98 SE (English), Word 97, Excel 97 (English) and all matching drivers. Autoexec.bat and config.sys are edited for optimal performance.

A collection of original Windows 9x compatible CD-ROM games are included. The included games were popular around the year 2000 and work on this pc. Majority of these games are in English language with English documentation. All the games are complete with product keys (if any necessary).

Input is controlled by the Sweex Turbo-Xwing KB-3001 adjustable PS/2 QWERTY keyboard and Microsoft Port Compatible Mouse 2.1A PS/2 mouse in authentic matching beige / white colors.

New classic pc's like this one don't show up for sale very often. Take your chance now, it's well worth its high price and will pay off in hours of entertainment and/or productivity.


- AOpen H300A SFF case
- 200-240V AC AOpen FSP145-60SA 145W power supply
- QDI Advance 6T motherboard
- Intel Pentium III 800EB 800 MHz socket 370 CPU w/ 256 KB L2 cache
- Noiseblocker BlackSilent XR-1 CPU cooler
- 256 MB PC133 SDRAM (2x IBM 128 MB PC 133 168-pin DIMM SDRAM module)
- 2x 168-pin DIMM SDRAM module socket (max. 1 GB PC 133)
- Diablotek VAR128P-32P ATI Rage 128 Pro 32 MB PCI graphics card

- Onboard VIA VT8601T 2-8 MB AGP graphics engine
- Onboard VIA VT82C686B audio engine

- Transcend SSD370S 32 GB SATA SSD
- Digitus DS-33151-1 PATA-SATA adapter

- 2x PATA (IDE) connector, supports ATA100
- TSST SD-M1912 DVD-ROM drive
- Panasonic JU-257A607PC 3.5'' 1.44 MB DS/HD FDD
- Floppy drive connector
- Front USB header
- CD-audio in header
- Front audio header
- 3x PCI slot
- 16-bit ISA slot
- AMR slot
- Panasonic CR2032 clock battery
- 2x HD-15 VGA socket
- PS/2 keyboard port
- PS/2 mouse port
- DE-9 serial connector
- DB-25 parallel socket
- DA-15 joystick socket
- 2x USB 1.1 port
- 8P8C (RJ-45) ethernet port
- 3.5 mm line-in jack
- 3.5 mm speaker out jack
- 3.5 mm mic-in jack

- Pre-installed Microsoft Windows 98 SE with all updates
- Pre-installed Microsoft Word 97
- Pre-installed Microsoft Excel 97
- Pre-installed Windows Media Player
- Pre-installed MGI Photosuite 8.1
- Pre-installed 3DMark 99 Max
- Pre-installed Adobe Reader 6
- Pre-installed 7-Zip
- Pre-installed Winzip
- Pre-installed CCleaner
- Pre-installed Need For Speed Porsche 2000
- Pre-installed all drivers (e.g. graphics and sound) and patches necessary for 100% functionality

Dimensions (LxWxH): 37x32.5x10.5 cm

Included is:
- Custom made PIII year 2000 pc
- Sweex Turbo-Xwing KB-3001 keyboard
- Microsoft Port Compatible Mouse 2.1A
- PC CD-ROM game Age Of Empires Gold Edition complete
- PC CD-ROM game Delta Force complete
- PC CD-ROM game Delta Force 2 complete
- PC CD-ROM game Need For Speed Porsche 2000 complete
- PC CD-ROM game Rollercoaster Tycoon complete
- PC CD-ROM game Shogo Mobile Armor Division complete
- PC CD-ROM game Test Drive 4 complete
- PC CD-ROM game The Sims Deluxe Edition complete
- PC CD-ROM game Thief complete
- PC CD-ROM game bundle A2 Racer Pack complete
- PC CD-ROM game expansion The Sims Beestenboel complete

Computer and accessories are all new.

The new QDI motherboard was equipped with new capacitors in April 2018.

Games are all used, all CD-ROM's have very small or no scratches at all.

This computer was last tested at 27 May 2018.
During the test;

- Computer could be powered on several times.
- Computer stayed powered on for at least 1 hour.

- Computer did not make any unusual noises, fans worked fine.

- Computer displayed a stable, contrastful, bright, sharp and straight picture without distortions.

- POST displayed 256 MB RAM without any errors.

- Beeper worked.

- DVD-ROM drive could be opened and closed.

- DVD-ROM drive read fine.

- Computer booted to Windows without any errors.

- SSD read and wrote fine.

- PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports worked fine.

- Computer could run all tested programs (e.g. NFS) and was extensively tested for stability and performance in 3DMark 99 which it passed.

- All games worked (some were earlier tested on another pc).

- Case could be opened and closed like it should.

- No defects and/or faults were identified.
- No further tests were performed.

Please carefully view the pictures for an impression.

Price details:
Price per piece: € 400,00
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€ 25,00