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IBM Personal Computer 330 set.
General info
The IBM PC Series personal computer is the follow-on to the IBM PS/ValuePoint and IBM Personal System/2. It was announced in October 1994 and withdrawn in October 2000. 
About this specific offer
This offer consists of an IBM Personal Computer 330-450DX2, a very solid, durable and expandable desktop pc, also known as type 6571, model code KV1. It has a serial number sticker from January 1995 and was manufactured in the United Kingdom. This computer can be used for retro gaming (MS-DOS games) but it can also be used for most legacy business applications from the early 90's that require MS-DOS, Windows 3.x or Windows 95. Whatever you look for, this IBM pc has enough room for your needs: you can add a 5.25'' FDD or a CD-ROM drive, replace the processor with an Intel 486DX4, add a sound card, a better VL-bus graphics card, an ethernet adapter etc. To help you with adding options, a system board overview diagram can be found underneath the top panel of the case. The pc is equipped with a VGA output and can display a nice picture on a conventional 4:3 flatscreen monitor. It also has a switchable power supply, so it can operate in various regions, including Europe and the United States.    

Pre-installed are IBM DOS 6.3 and Windows 3.1 (Dutch).

Besides an original and matching IBM 71G4622 QWERTY PS/2 keyboard (made in U.K., 1995) and IBM 33G5430 PS/2 mouse are included.
- 110-120V / 200-240V AC power supply
- Intel 486DX2 50 MHz PGA168 CPU
- Socket 3
- 4 MB RAM (1x 4 MB 72-pin SIMM RAM module)
- 4x 72-pin SIMM RAM module socket (max. 128 MB)
- Cirrus Logic CL-GD5430-QC-B 1 MB onboard XGA
- Quantum 270 MB PATA HDD
- Sony 1.44 MB FDD
- IBM 60G0611 10Base-T ethernet 16-bit ISA adapter
- Empty 5.25'' drive slot
- Secondary PATA connector
- Cache memory sockets
- 2x 16-bit ISA slot
- VESA Local Bus (VLB) slot
- Integrated beeper
- VGA HD-15 socket
- Parallel female socket
- 2x Serial connector
- PS/2 keyboard connector
- PS/2 mouse connector
- 8P8C (RJ45) ethernet port
- Pre-installed Microsoft Windows 3.1
- Pre-installed IBM DOS 6.3

Included is:
- IBM Personal Computer 330-450DX2
- IBM 71G4622 keyboard
- IBM 33G5430 mouse


This computer was last tested at 14 February 2017.
During the test;
- Computer could be powered on several times.
- Computer stayed powered on for at least 10 minutes.

- Computer was silent (no unusual noises).

- Computer displayed a stable, contrastful, bright, sharp and straight picture without distortions.

- POST displayed 4 MB RAM.

- Beeper worked.

- Computer booted to IBM DOS.

- Computer could boot Microsoft Windows.

- Keyboard and mouse ports worked fine.

- Disk drive insert and eject mechanism worked fine.

- Disk drive could read a random disk.

- No battery leakage could be found.

- No rust could be found.

- Case could be opened and closed like it should.

- No defects and/or faults were identified.
- No further tests were performed.
Please carefully view the pictures for an impression.

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Price per piece: € 340,00
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